Bureautropolis: Check out how the people of Washington DC live fueled by your taxes

Wealth DC cc

I’m not talking about Congress or lobbyists. I’m talking about the bureaucrats and the defense contractors. Washington DC is by far and away the wealthiest city in the United States.


Because the wealth of our nation is aggregated in the leafy suburbs of our nation’s capital. Some folks feed directly from the taxpayer teet as bureaucrats, some feed indirectly as contractors, but all of them feed and they have gotten fat. There was no recession around the Beltway. In fact the past 5 years have been very good years for the bureautropolis.

(From The Washington Post)

Farley resides in Clarksville, Md., a bedroom community midway between Washington and Baltimore where the median household income tops $181,000, more than triple the national average.

An astonishing 98 percent of River Hill High School’s graduates head to college. Volvos, Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs are scattered throughout the student parking lot. Even pets get in on the refined tastes of their owners; in a small shopping center near the school, a shop specializing in organic dog food is next door to the organic grocery store.

Clarksville sits in one of the nation’s “Super Zips” — a term coined by American Enterprise Institute scholar and author Charles Murray to describe the country’s most prosperous, highly educated demographic clusters. On average, they have a median household income of $120,000, and 7 in 10 adults have college degrees.

Although these areas would be considered rare in much of the country, they’re fairly ordinary by Washington standards.

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