Copyright cronyism? Trade deal negotiated in secret could limit Internet freedom, innovation

TPP cc cc

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade deal between the United States and and much of the non-European world which over the last 2 years has been negotiated in secret. Some of the details of the agreement were leaked yesterday, and as suspected the TPP appears to be bad news for those who believe in Internet freedom and freedom in general.


Despite the Obama administration’s top U.S. negotiators’ fast approaching their self-imposed 2013 deadline to complete the agreement, today’s leak is the public’s first look at the sprawling text since a February 2011 leak [pdf] of the same chapter and a July 2012 leak of an individual section. And even as the public has been completely shut out, the U.S. Trade Representative has lobbied for wider latitude to negotiate and for “fast-track authority” to bypass Congressional review.

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