Crony wing (aka the Karl Rove wing) of GOP gets restless, Sen. McConnell says establishment should “punch (Tea Party) in the nose.”

McConnell ccWe it’s good to know that McConnell and Harry Reid can agree on at least one thing.

McConnell’s just mad that his feet are being held to the fire and that some of the “new Republicans” called him out for the $3 billion piece of pork (funding for a dam on the Ohio River) he secured in the shutdown deal. This is the supposed leader of the “conservative” cause in the Senate.

We have long said that the establishment GOP fears the Tea Party (and we use the term in the broadest sense here) far more than the Democrats in Washington do. This is because the establishment GOP is the outer statist defense against the small government “barbarians.” Once the old GOP is overwhelmed the Dems will start worrying more acutely.

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