Federal government books $41.3 billion in profits on student loans

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It’s easy to make a pile of dough if you get it for nothing and then lend it out at interest.

Who benefits most from the student loan scam? The students? Definitely not. The government which makes money on the backs of indebted students? Yes it benefits. But it’s the colleges and universities which benefit most. All this easy money flows in every fall. This enables universities to build new buildings and increase the salaries for staff.

Because, what are you going to do? Not go to college? I didn’t think so. Go get your government loan and like it. We have an athletic center to build.

(From The Detroit Free Press)

It’s a higher profit level than all but two companies in the world: Exxon Mobil cleared $44.9 billion in 2012, and Apple cleared $41.7 billion.

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