Govt thinking on Common Core: “The masses need their betters in government – politicians, bureaucrats – to control their lives.”

common core cc 11

That’s about right. These people honestly think they know better than parents and local educators. The opposition to the statist indoctrination which is known as Common Core is just a reflection of just how redneck most of America is. Better to leave your child to us. We know what is best. The government always knows what’s best…Idiots

Remember it’s not just Dems behind this abomination, this effort to consolidate all education into a federally run program, Jeb Bush is big proponent. The US Chamber of Commerce is for it too. Yet another reason to oppose the establishment GOP.


In the end, Common Core, and all the government power behind it, is ultimately about experts running society rather than letting free people govern themselves. Why? Because parents – “the people” – are either thought incapable, or unwilling, of caring for their children themselves.

This attitude if fundamentally at odds with maintaining a free society. It declares that government must control what children learn, and in so doing gives government – not free people – the power over what the next generation of Americans will think.

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