Hillary Clinton cozies up with Goldman Sachs leadership, Wall Street and New York rich

Golden Hillary asks for gold from friends of Goldman Sachs.
Golden Hillary asks for gold from friends of Goldman Sachs.


The attached article is a partisan one. There is no mistaking the author’s feelings for Hillary Clinton. Matthew Continetti is not a fan.

But he does respect her gameswomanship. Who else could have built a $100 million fortune through politics alone (well, Nancy Pelosi but that is another article). She is a force, a crony capitalist force, and she knows how to shake the money tree.

Everyone knew in the old Clinton White House that it was pay to play. Given the excesses of Bush and Obama in the intervening years, the mind boggles at the access which will be sold in a Hillary Clinton White House.

Even more important than access for some industries, such as the banking industry, is protection. JP Morgan didn’t buy enough protection in the run up to the 2012 election. In fact it turned its back on the Dems to large extent last election. Now it is staring at $13 billion fine.

Goldman doesn’t want to end up looking at a similar fine during a Hillary Clinton presidency so Blankfein and company will be giving early and often.

(From Washington Free Beacon)

Two recent events organized by the investment bank Goldman Sachs featured a special guest. Goldman arranged to have one of the most successful investors in the world make remarks at last week’s AIMS Alternative Investment Conference in Chicago. And at this week’s Builders and Innovators Summit in Marana, Ariz., the same guest responded to questions from Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman’s chair and CEO. I hope the audience took notes.

Where else, after all, can “emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs from a diverse set of industries” hear the story of how a Yale law student turned an investment of time and energy into a marriage to a serial philanderer, a successful career in politics, and a fortune estimated above $100 million? For lessons in how to succeed in business by really trying, in how to manipulate the levers of government, finance, and philanthropy for massive personal gain, there is no better teacher than Hillary Clinton.

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