How algorithms written by coders on Wall Street rule your financial world (yes yours)

High frequency trading has changed the investing world, fundamentally. If you do not write algorithms, if you do not benefit from the super dark high frequency trading system, you are on the outs.

Having learned about high frequency trading a few years ago my faith in the stock market was rattled. Then the the Crash hit. Then the Fed started pouring money into the world markets. My faith in the stock market, even as it rose was completely shaken. When I realized what all the new fiat money, coupled with the power of quants meant for the economy I became (and remain) very concerned about the razor edge the world lives on and how far our stock markets have detached from actual real live investing.

It’s not even close to fair for most people in the market. There is a quiet war going on in the ribbons of fiber optics which stretch between Wall Street, Greenwich Connecticut, and beyond.

The new masters of the universe write code. They are programmers.

Below is an amazing documentary. If you have any money in the market you owe it to yourself to watch it.