More crony media: President summons journalists again for private meeting in midst of freefall

You know things are bad when a “liberal” president has to deal with covers like this from TIME magazine.

time cc

I mean, TIME magazine should be a gimmie for this president, and it has been.

When John Stewart is openly questioning the president’s competence. When even the borderline propagandist Ezra Klein at the Washington Post (who once said that he couldn’t understand the Constitution because it was over 100 years old) says less than nice things about the president, something is going wrong at the White House.

Perhaps it was the spying on the Associated Press, perhaps it was the demonization of Edward Snowden, or perhaps it was the bunging of Syria, which set the stage for this slightest of dissent from the the usually laudatory press. But for sure the wholesale lying of the president is what has tipped the scales – if only for this brief moment.

The establishment press wants to see this president succeed. That is why Obama has gotten every break at every turn for 5 years. Couple this with a well disciplined (in the union sense of blind allegiance) machine in Media Matters which has effectively disseminated talking points to the establishment media straight from the White House, and one has a potent messaging mix. But the mix has gone sour, and the White House is panicked.

That’s why they summoned the president’s journalistic friends to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue earlier this week.

The White House knows that if it loses the messengers (which even now is almost unthinkable) it loses Obama’s legacy. If it loses the messengers God only knows what stories might find their way to the public. That is a scary thought for Valerie Jarret and company.


Juan Williams refused to describe what Obama himself said, but he did state that the White House is in “full fight mode over the Affordable Healthcare Act right now.” He added, “They feel as if they had a major systems failure, a major management failure, and they’re trying to get back on track.”

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