Movie industry wants to indoctrinate 1st graders on copyright

Senator Dodd knows what's best.
Senator Dodd knows what’s best.

The business of content has been in flux for the last 15 years. The old business models are dead or close to dead, but that isn’t stopping the movie studios from trying to hold back progress while they still have the resources to deploy in government.

The MPAA, headed by the former senator Chris Dodd, suffered a sound and brutal defeat last year when the entire online world rose up against the “Stop Online Priracy Act” (SOPA). It was a huge win for Internet freedom, and a crushing blow for a decaying movie industry.

But the studios aren’t dead yet and they still have lots of friends in government. So they are trying different avenues, like this effort to propagandize our children in school.

(From The Verge)

The copyright lobby hasn’t been shy about pressing the anti-piracy case, but a new LA Times report suggests they’re taking the battle to a place it’s never been before: schools. A group called the Center for Copyright Information — backed by copyright groups like the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America, among others — is currently developing a curriculum in California to teach elementary schoolers the value of copyright and the dangers of piracy.

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