Not a joke, The New York Times reports that “kickbacks and bribes” are legal now in Obamacare

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As I read this article my brow just became more furrowed. So now bribes are cool according to Kathleen Sebelius?

They can’t get the website right. The president lied to the American people about whether they’d lose their health coverage. Billions in subsidies are soon to flow to the Big 5 health insurers directly from the pockets of taxpayers. And now HHS has ruled that kickbacks are a perfectly reasonable form of business in the context of Obamacare?

So this is where we are now?

Repeal? This law should be tossed into the dustbin of history along with the multitude of other half baked centralized planning schemes, and burned.

(From The New York Times)

The surprise decision, disclosed last week, exempts subsidized health insurance from a law that bans rebates, kickbacks, bribes and certain other financial arrangements in federal health programs, stripping law enforcement of a powerful tool used to fight fraud in other health care programs, like Medicare

…Generally, the law makes it a crime to pay or receive anything of value in return for the referral of patients or as an inducement for people to buy goods and services reimbursed by federal health care programs. Such programs are defined broadly as “any plan or program that provides health benefits, whether directly, through insurance, or otherwise, which is funded directly, in whole or in part, by the United States government.”

“The secretary’s decision will have some very significant consequences,” said D. McCarty Thornton, former chief counsel to the inspector general at the Health and Human Services Department. “The federal anti-kickback statute will, in most cases, not apply to subsidized health plans or the items and services furnished by those plans.”

“Plans and providers are very happy to be relieved of that concern,”

We bet they are.

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