Obama admin repeatedly modified (Obamacare) ‘grandfathering’ rules to benefit big business, not individuals

Basically if one had an individual plan one was likely going to lose one’s coverage. If one was lucky enough to have a large group plan through a company then one was likely to see things remain the same. (Don’t want to upset the employees of corporate donors.)

It’s the small business owners, artists, consultants, etc. who get hammered, which is typical in a crony capitalist system.

(From The Daily Caller)

By comparison, the prognosis for Big Business was much more favorable, according to another contemporaneous press release.

“The 133 million Americans with employer-sponsored health insurance through large employers (100 or more workers) —who make up the vast majority of those with private health insurance today—will not see major changes to their coverage as a result of this regulation,” the release said then. “This regulation affirms that most of these plans will remain grandfathered – more than three-quarters of firms in 2011…”

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