Obama has another meeting with health insurance CEOs, the 2nd in a month, The President is rattled, looks politically punch drunk (video)

Once it became clear that Obamacare was in fact the train wreck that so many warned it was going to be the health insurance industry CEOs flew to the White House to check on their investment. That was late last month. Obamacare is a huge giveaway to the health insurance industry and they wanted to make sure the money was going to flow.

Friday they flew in for another pow wow with the President in an effort to salvage what they can from the wreckage.

Both the insurers and the Obama administration are in a weird place right now. Obama just tried to throw his partners under the bus by unconstitutionally decreeing that parts of Obamacare were null and void and that now insurers can keep people on the books through the next election. (How this is supposed to happen after millions have been canceled already nobody knows.) Obama hopes that he can still intimidate the insurance companies into saving his increasingly rancid bacon. But the coercive power of this president is diminishing with each passing day and the political and business calculations are shifting around Obamacare very quickly.

This week will be very interesting. Will Obama get away with the blatant and unconstitutional power grab? (Remember it was just a year ago that he renewed his vow to uphold the Constitution.) Or will the President’s feet be held to the fire by a public which in less enamored with him with each day? What will the health insurance companies do? What will Congressional Dems do?

Should be fun.