Obamcare disaster exposes what happens when government is too big not to fail

Obamacare 2 cc

Obamacare is a crony capitalist vehicle, created in haste, against the will of the majority of Americans, put together by political hacks, enforced by the most hated agency of the United States government, which forced the cancellation of millions of health insurance policies, is “navigated” by people who could in theory be felons, which potentially exposes our personal information to all parts of government, which has made life harder and more expensive for millions, which constitutes a massive tax increase on the middle class, and is named for a man who lied repeatedly over 3 years to the people of the United States about whether they could keep their health insurance plans and doctors.

The law stinks.

Obamacare should be repealed. It should be unwound. It, as I’ve said before, should be tossed into the dustbin of history and burned.

This is what happens when a program becomes too big not to fail. We’re looking at it. Obamacare was a huge power grab by the statist establishment. Nationalized healthcare is the holy grail of big government people because if the bureaucrats control your healthcare, ultimately they control you.

But the statists bit off more than they could chew. Obamacare is now dying and suddenly many people who didn’t really think about such things very much are coming to understand why it is that “big government” is a bad thing.

That the program was put together by people who I think it is now clear had no idea what was going on from the outset is amazing. Weren’t the Obamacare folks supposed to be competent? Wouldn’t a responsible leader have stopped or at least changed the direction of the snowball of dysfunction once it was realized that things were not going well, 2 years ago?

The average American is increasingly asking, “Why should I trust my health to these people? Many are also asking, people who didn’t ask it before, “Why should I trust my country to these people?”

In the wake of the of the government shutdown Rachael Maddow actually crowed about how with the end of the government “shutdown” so too had America’s traditional distrust of government ended. Big government is the way forward! Thank God we put Ted Cruz in his place. See I told you we’d beat those evil Tea Partiers. Hurrah for the state! Hurrah for Obamacare, Hurrah for Obama!

It was only a month ago that she was saying this. A month. The world has changed, and the worm has turned for the big government people.

What needs to happen now is that the free market people need to solve the problems in healthcare the American people have legitimate concerns about, specifically a catastrophic health event. This could be a diagnosis of cancer, of a developmental disability in a child, Parkinson’s, the maladies are myriad, and people are right to be concerned that they might find themselves losing everything in bankruptcy on top of a life changing or terminal illness diagnosis.

This fundamentally is the concern of most Americans. It’s not birth control. It’s not “wellness visits.” It’s not prenatal care. It is financial destruction because of sickness.

This is the political nugget. The big government people have sold the American people on the idea that the only way to address this problem is through a massive new government program, which is absolutely false. This problem can be solved through the market.

Bankruptcy due to illness may be the primary concern for everyday Americans, but it’s not for the statists. The big government folks DO want “free” birth control, and wellness visits, and prenatal care, and everything else. The specter of bankruptcy for a middle class family is a valuable tool to motivate people to the national healthcare cause, but its not the primary concern. The main concern is pulling more of the American economy into the sphere of the state.

Right now there is an incredible opportunity to show to the American people how free market solutions could address their primary health concern. A solution needs to be ready to go. Obamacare can’t just die. It needs to be buried by the free market.

Or burned in the dustbin of history. Either one is cool with me.