Rand Paul believes African Americans have been taken for granted by the Dems, Opens up office in Detroit to begin conversation

Rand P cc

This is a winning strategy for Paul. The cause of truly small government and free markets and free prices isn’t an idea which only works for white folks. It works for ALL folks.

Fundamentally if this case is not made to many groups not usually associated with “small government” in America effectively, the liberty movement will never hit the stride it has the potential of hitting. This country could have much smaller government, but everyone has to feel that they have a stake in this post New Deal America. Black folks in particular need to feel that they will not be marginalized in an America with a much smaller government.

That’s how I read the politics anyway.

Earlier this year Rand Paul went to Howard University and addressed the student body and began an official conversation with the African-American community. No one could remember the last time a potential GOP presidential candidate even stepped foot on the campus. But Paul came and he came in respect.

Though black folks overwhelmingly associate themselves with the Democratic Party and have been deeply loyal to the party for decades, they have long been taken for granted. Paul understands this. The system of political patronage run by a relatively small group of urban political cronies is ripe for challenge. But no Republican really has had the guts to challenge it.

Looks like Paul has the guts.

(From The Washington Examiner)

The office is the first-of-its-kind for the Republicans. “Every community in the United States should be engaged by the Republican Party and Senator Paul believes that the values of limited government, and more freedom have broad appeal,”…

…Republicans have a long way to go in overcoming decades of loyalty to the Democratic Party, fostered in part by tactics such as Richard Nixon’s infamous ‘Southern strategy.’

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