Rand Paul: We want our freedoms back!

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The surveillance state is massive. It permeates America in a way that only a few years ago no one would have believed. The devil’s waltz of government and contractors develops ever better means of spying on us.. Billions are spent, and billions more are made by industry. With each dollar a bit more of our liberty ebbs away.

Sadly it is our money being spent on these surveillance efforts. We are financing this increasingly unchecked experiment in human control.

That this experiment is happening in the land of the free and home of the brave is a tragedy. Will we allow this to happen on our watch? Or will we defund this beast and defang it? That it seems to me is the only choice.

We need security efforts and there are very real threats to this nation, but are we going to put our civilization under spotlights (taxpayer funded spotlights) with “armed guards” walking the walls watching our every step, just so that we remain “safe”? If we turn into this then it can be said that the terrorists have won. We will have handed over our God given dignity in return for supposed security. A great chapter in human freedom and progress will have been closed, and we will be the ones who let it happen.

We should not let it happen.