Socialism fails yet again in Venezuela (how many hundreds of times is it now?) Maduro goes full despot

“To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary … These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution!” – Che Guevara

No Che cc

Venezuela is a real “red state.”

Why don’t these guys ever learn? Is the religion of socialism so sweet, so sublime, that it it induces all loss of rational thought? Socialism must be a “helluva drug,” as Rick James might have said.

It never, I mean never works. Yet people keep doing more and more of it once they’ve become addicted.

Socialism has survived in places for periods of time, The Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, but it never “works.”  Yet even in the 21st Century there are those who believe they can create a proletarian heaven on earth. Just one more price control. If only we could “liquidate” (a wonderful Marxist term for mass assassination and genocide) the peasants with their backward thinking and the bourgeois business owners with their petty property rights. Then socialism will work. This time. It’s invariably that there isn’t enough socialism, not that the entire ethos is devoid of any economic sense, that is the source of a country’s problems.

Just do some more socialism baby. Everything will be cool.

But the junkie always dies.

Socialism is a delusion which ends in destruction. Hide prices and you hide the truth. Maduro is going to learn very quickly that the truth is bigger than he is. He may have already.

It should also be noted that socialistic societies are always crony capitalistic societies to a greater or lesser extent. The Sandinistas, the Soviets, Cuba, China, all had/have pet relationships with various groups and even sometimes with private companies, which enrich(ed) the Nomenklatura on the way to implosion.

(From Yahoo News)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro exercised new emergency powers for the first time Thursday, signing decrees limiting business profit margins and tightening regulation of imports.

He acted as part of a so-called “economic war” against a crisis for which he blames the opposition “bourgeoisie” and imperialism.

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