“It’s no secret that (Dianne) Feinstein is the abused spouse of the NSA”


Techdirt goes on.

“…always defending her man, no matter how many times it lies and cheats on her…”

I actually wouldn’t equate Ms. Feinstein with an abused spouse. I think she knows exactly what she is doing, is doing it without coercion, and I don’t think she feels abused.

I think Ms. Feinstein is a fan of NSA snooping, banning guns, limiting the 1st Amendment, and of the drug war because she is someone who likes control. My bet is she is not one who leaves much to chance. Life needs to be buttoned down and part of buttoning down her life is buttoning down everyone else’s.

Seems like a terrible way to live, but hey California keeps sending her to the Senate.

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