The California billionaire who bought the Virginia Governorship for McAuliffe (and for himself).

Fortune Brainstorm Green 2012

We have lots of friends in the environmental community. We value a vibrant natural world and we have and will continue to work toward such a world through various means. We are fans of solar power, and wind, and so called “alternative” energy technologies. But within the parameters of the market. If alternative energy sources cannot operate within the marketplace such energies are by definition not sustainable.

The truth is that much of the money which went to “green” energy efforts during the first Obama administration went to connected friends and political rainmakers in the Democratic Party. The green stimulus money was a vehicle for people to get paid while they justified the largesse bestowed upon them by taxpayers by thinking they were doing the “right thing” for the environment. So long as one does the “right thing” crony capitalism is OK.

The billionaire who poured $8 million into my home state of Virginia from California in an effort to win the election for Clinton operative Terry McAuliffe, did not as far as I can see directly benefit from any Soyndra like deals. I could be wrong on this, but we are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But make no mistake, Tom Steyer is a crony with deep ties to both the Clinton and the Obama political machines.

He’s kind of a poor man’s George Soros in that regard.

In the attached article (and general love fest) Politico examines in depth how Tom Steyer manipulated (entirely legally it must be noted) the Virginia gubernatorial race in 2013.

In my opinion it’s one thing for  super rich guys to advocate for smaller government like the Kochs do. The Kochs are by no means perfect and have benefited from big government on occasion by their own admission, but they generally call for a shrinking state. This believe it or not is not in any industrialist’s best interest. Big government and big business are good friends.

It is far scarier when super rich guys advocate for bigger government. They (think Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates) can sell themselves as advocates of the greater good through larger government, while at the same time expanding their wealth. It’s the “I’m doing good so I deserve to get rich even if the taxpayers have to pay for it” mentality. Al Gore comes to mind. So does Tom Steyer.

(From Politico)

A third, unstated goal has run through all of Steyer’s political activities: turning a hedge fund investor from the Bay Area into a national political figure. Most megadonors prize their privacy. But before Steyer’s team jumped into the Virginia race, it approached POLITICO about providing exclusive access to NextGen’s activities for a feature story after the election. In 2013, the towheaded, all-smiles Democratic financier has participated in major profiles in both The New Yorker and Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

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