The crony capitalist bonanza which is Obamacare


Do you still love it?
Do you still love it?

Obamacare is making many people and companies rich(er). Just got to be in with the right folks, and say the right things, and dollars float down from on high.

What was once seen as simply a boneheaded, invasive, half baked law, is now we know much more than that. It is a vehicle for cronies to make bank, and they are as Peter Schweizer reports.

(From Fox News)

As CNBC recently put it: “Thanks to ObamaCare, the health-care industry is going to get a big makeover during the coming years and venture capitalists have wasted no time looking for ways to cash in.” Put simply, ObamaCare’s complexity and catastrophic rollout create rivers of cash for Obama’s cronies.

So who are some of the winners in the ObamaCare crony capitalist giveaway?

For those on the left who thought that ObamaCare would mean large health insurance companies might get their comeuppance, they might want to look at UnitedHealth. Wall Street analysts expect the giant to see its stock price rise 40 percent over the next two years, thanks to expanding profit margins. The company has also won big contracts to help implement the rollout. Quality Software Services, Inc., a major contractor for, is a subsidiary of UnitedHealth. One of President Obama’s most reliable fundraisers in both 2008 and 2012 was Anthony Welters, executive vice president of UnitedHealth. He raised more than $500,000 for the 2012 election, according to

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