The Empire Tries to Strike Back: Establishment GOP PACs taking on Tea Party

As we have said many times the folks who most fear the Tea Party (and I use the term in the broadest possible sense, incorporating libertarians, and other legitimately small government anti-establishment factions) are those in the GOP itself.

The effort is the biggest reevaluation of the Republican Party’s outside money strategy since the dawn of the super PAC era — bringing traditional big dollar donors into the primary races that pulled the party in a direction that alienated those donors in the first place.

“The prime targets for this sort of a strategy are incumbents that expect a primary election challenge,” said Charlie Spies, the co-founder of Restore Our Future, which spent more than $140 million to support Mitt Romney. “Even if candidates trust American Crossroads will step in for a Senate race or American Action Network or Congressional Leadership Fund for a House race, they are more likely to focus resources on general election races than getting involved in primary contests.”

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