The President Wants You to Get Rich on Obamacare

Obamacare health ins. cc

“Among other initiatives, the A.C.A. would relax restrictions on collusion between health care providers.”


At least one Republican gave up complaining about Obamacare and decided that it made much more sense to mine the massive wealth redistribution program for a little wealth of his own.

For the insiders who have no moral problem working the system shamelessly Obamacare is full of opportunity. There are a million areas to “partner” with the government for serious financial gain. For cronies, times are fat.

(From the New York Times)

Before he even began his speech, one attendee said he feared that only three million new patients, far fewer than estimated, would be signing up for insurance. “No way,” Scully said. “Way more — way more. At least 15 million, maybe 20 million. The Democrats have a huge incentive to make this work.” Another asked if Scully was worried about Congressional repeal. “It’s just not going to happen,” he said. “Don’t pay attention to Rush Limbaugh.” When Scully finally began his speech, he noted that the prevailing narrative among Republicans — assuming that many in the room were, like him, Republican — was incorrect. “It’s not a government takeover of medicine,” he told the crowd. “It’s the privatization of health care.” In fact, Obamacare, he said, was largely based on past Republican initiatives. “If you took George H. W. Bush’s health plan and removed the label, you’d think it was Obamacare.”

Scully then segued to his main point, one he has been making in similarly handsome dining rooms across the country: No matter what investors thought about Obamacare politically — and surely many there did not think much of it — the law was going to make some people very rich.

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