The reason Obama is failing is because he can’t run for indefinite terms, Or so says an op-ed in the Washington Post

Dashed dreams for some.
Dashed dreams for some.
Among the early Roosevelt fascist measures was the National Industry Recovery Act (NRA) of June 16, 1933 …. [these ideas] were first suggested by Gerard Swope (of the General Electric company)… They were adopted by the United States Chamber of Commerce. During the campaign of 1932, Henry I. Harriman, president of that body, urged that I agree to support these proposals, informing me that Mr. Roosevelt had agreed to do so. I tried to show him that this stuff was sheer fascism; that it was a remaking of Mussolini’s “corporate state” and refused to agree to any of it. He informed me that in view of my attitude, the business world would support Roosevelt with money and influence. That for the most part proved true.

—Hoover Memoirs 3:420


In the wake of FDR, who despite the historical propaganda was far from a president who was universally loved, the American people moved to limit the terms of presidents to 2. FDR had wandered far too close to despotic rule (in some cases stepping over the line) during his tenure, and after his death America moved quickly to make sure that such a situation did not happen again. FDR had violated the tradition of Presidents stepping down after 2 terms. Now it needed to be codified, for the sake of the Republic.

And it was with the 22nd Amendment. Congress drew it up and the states ratified the change quickly. This should give an indication of how concerned Americans were in the wake of the rise of strongmen in Europe. People did not want to see such a leader here, and we had come close with FDR.

Fast forward.

Mr. Obama is looking at a failing presidency. His signature program, Obamacare, is a disaster on nearly every level. His effort at co-opting corporate America into a nationalized health plan is now exposed. Obamacare is crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is dangerous. Limiting this president, who appears to like power a bit too much to 2 terms is a blessing. Yet Jonathan Zimmerman in the Washington Post argues that such a limit is hampering President Obama’s effort to “fundamentally transform” the United States.

Yes it is.

 (From The Washington Post)

But if Obama could run again, would he be facing such fervent objections from Sens. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)?

Probably not. Democratic lawmakers would worry about provoking the wrath of a president who could be reelected. Thanks to term limits, though, they’ve got little to fear.

You see, Congress should fear the President.

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