This is what modern propaganda looks like, Media Matters desperately tries to change the conversation from Obamacare

In the previous post we discussed the recent meeting the president had with friendly journalists earlier this week. The White House is worried that it’s losing the messaging war. The media has been lock step with this president since day one, but recently the rank and file haven’t been filing friendly enough stories.

Key to controlling the message to this point in Obama’s presidency has been a strange organization called Media Matters, which disseminates pro-administration talking points to mainstream media outlets. The job of Media Matters is to control the narrative, but rarely have they been as transparent (nor as desperate) as they are right now. Take a look at the below screen shot.

Notice anything?

Every story is about Reid’s “nuclear option” filibuster nonsense. This is an attempt to take the focus off of the disaster that is Obamacare and put it on something, anything, else. The Senate isn’t even doing anything right now.

Media Matters cc