U.S. plans to exit GM stake by year-end, may lose $10 billion (Will allow executives to raise pay with sale)


Hey it’s only the taxpayer’s money. Why any American who cares about the size of government, or simply just using money wisely, would ever buy a GM product is lost on me.

(From Reuters)

Analysts have said Treasury’s exit from GM would lift the “Government Motors” stigma from the automaker, which would also be able to begin paying dividends for the first time since the restructured company returned to the market with an initial public offering three years ago.

Treasury’s sale of the shares “could lead to the lifting of compensation limitations for GM’s key executives,” Buckingham Research analyst Joseph Amaturo said in a Thursday note to clients.

Got to lift those compensation restrictions for the executives even if the American people lose $10 billion by selling at a loss. Got to make sure those cronies get paid.


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