White House to Allow Insurers to Continue Canceled Health Plans (Is this legal?)


I thought Obamacare was “the law.” You know, passed by Congress, the whole bit. But it appears that now the president can just single handedly say that one part of “the law” can be changed?

First it was the waiving of the employer mandate, and now this? Do we have the rule of “law” or the rule of a man? Heck, even Howard Dean is questioning the legality of this most recent move.

(From The Wall Street Journal)

President Barack Obama said Thursday that insurers will be able to continue health-insurance coverage next year for current policyholders that otherwise would be canceled under the new health-care law.

The change marks a significant policy retreat by the president, one that he hopes will quell an intensifying protest over his faulty promise that Americans can keep their insurance plans under the new law.

Mr. Obama’s announcement came on the eve of a House vote on a Republican bill to alter the law, which was gaining traction among Democrats, particularly after the administration’s release Wednesday of low enrollment figures for the first month of the federal government’s problem-prone online insurance marketplace.

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