Krauthammer’s Take: Other than Obamacare, Biggest 2013 Story is Rising Libertarianism (Video)

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Libertarianism is an idea whose time has come. The state continues to fail as technology continues to empower the individual. Government is looked at by the average person with a much increased skepticism than in years past. The serfs are looking up from their plows (or over the walls of their cubicles as the case may be) and becoming self aware.

It is an exciting time for those of us who believe liberty is a key element of being an actualized human being. One can be alive without liberty. One can eat, breathe, work, have a family, do many things in a highly regimented and managed society. But one can never reach one’s highest potential as a human when the government regulates every element of one’s life. More and more people are coming to realize this and more importantly, these people increasingly care.

It’s a movement, the most important since Civil Rights in this country, and it is growing. Sure is fun to watch. Heck, even Krauthammer’s hip to it.