A Treatment for Anxiety That Works…

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Is blocked by our crony capitalist medical system.

In the article below, the Alliance for Natural Health-USA tells the story of Scott Stossel, editor of the Atlantic, who recently published a book about his lifetime problem with severe anxiety, including crippling panic attacks. It is a tribute to Mr. Stossel that he has been able to write and edit an important magazine. One can only guess what it costs him to go on radio or tv to promote his book.

The book discusses what is known about anxiety and also Mr. Stossel’s experience both with talk therapy and with, it seems, dozens of drugs, many of them with frightening side effects. Which of these have worked? As Mr. Stossel says, none of them have worked.

There are references to GABA, the neuro-chemical that our own bodies make to regulate our anxiety level. Some of the drugs try to keep more GABA in the body. But after decades of suffering and endless consultations with conventional doctors, nobody seems to have told Mr. Stossel that GABA is available as a supplement. It’s true that at one time it was a supplement that did not work very well, because it had trouble getting through stomach acid. But there are now more bio-available forms that work extremely well.

Why would no conventional doctor tell Mr Stossel about GABA as a supplement? Well, it isn’t approved by the FDA or promoted by a drug company. Why not? Because as a natural substance, it can’t be patented, and what drug company will spend what is an average cost of $1 billion to take a substance through the FDA if it isn’t patented?

Couldn’t supplement companies at least tell people about GABA? No, that is illegal. Company executives can go to jail for violating FDA rules against promoting anything other than an FDA approved drug for treatment of a medical problem.

This is a sweet deal for drug companies. The government grants them a monopoly on their not-found-in-nature drugs, which are patentable. Then, by taking them through the FDA, even at vast expense, they shut out any competition from natural products, even if those natural products are safer and more effective, as well as much cheaper.

This is one reason why medicine costs so much. More importantly, it is why even smart and well informed people like Scott Stossel never hear about supplements or functional foods that could heal them.

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