Bernanke’s Farewell Speech: “Fed Did The Right Thing; I Hope”

He looked so much younger before the crisis.
He looked so much younger before the crisis.

Oh Ben, Ben, Ben. We’re gonna miss you. Not really, but it did seem like yesterday that you swept in in the wake of “The Maestro” (no one calls him this anymore) Greenspan. So much water under the bridge. So many dollars printed out of thin air.

The sparring with Ron Paul. The obfuscation in the face of questions from the Finance Committee. The fear mongering, followed by talk of “green shoots” which never really popped out of the ground. Bad times, bad times. Seems like yesterday.

Oh well, all things come to an end, and we are glad your tenure is ending at the Fed.  But I can’t help but fear that your successor is going to prove even more damaging than you. And let’s be frank Mr. Bernanke, you were amazingly damaging.

Don’t let the heavy oak doors hit you on the way out!

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