California Cracking Down On Coding Bootcamps For Teaching Coding Without A License

code cc

God forbid anyone learn a skill of value at a reasonable price. What doesn’t fall under the regulatory authority of the state? Must all business be approved by an official before it is conducted?

The government just wants to make sure it’s not cut out of the action. The providers which pay-to-play get to do business. Those which do not, do not get to do business. Basic crony capitalism.


A couple years ago, we wrote about the nutty situation in which state regulators for all sorts of industries are really doing more to simply stop competition, rather than any sort of “consumer protection.” This is not to say that there isn’t a role for regulation in protecting consumers. There may well be, but the more you look at how it works, the more you realize how the system is almost inevitably gamed to be about blocking upstarts and competitors.

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