CIA Whistleblower Reveals Hollywood Megastar Once Asked Govt For $50K Of Cocaine To Act As Secret Agent

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This story comes to us courtesy of the CIA’s own former General Council, John Rizzo, who explains in a new book that the CIA and the entertainment industry have a long history of working together. This is logical given the power vested in the movie studios of southern California. (To a lesser extent today.) Control the narrative, the story, and control the direction of public sentiment. At least to some degree.

Rizzo explains that many in Hollywood worked with the CIA out of a sense of patriotism. But others had different motivations. At least one potential movie star ally was more interested in partying than anything else, and the CIA had access (it was thought anyway) to high quality “party favors.”

(From “There is one little kicker,” Rizzo claims his underling said. “The actor refuses to take any money, but he told us that instead all he wants of us is to score him the best fifty-thousand-dollar stash of cocaine we can find. He seems to think we can get the real primo stuff. So that’s why I’m here. Is it ok for us to do it?”

“‘Uh, no,’” I managed to get out of my agape mouth,” Rizzo remembers. But the other agent wouldn’t back down from the potential deal.

“We know a way to get some easily,’ our guy added hopefully…”

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