Crony capitalist website Think Progress says “progressives” shouldn’t work with libertarians to fight the NSA, Could threaten The New Deal

Stitched Panorama

Fundamentally the author’s concern is about the federal government losing control over the states. If the states reassert their historical, and it should be said – constitutional authority the whole big government dream could unravel even more rapidly than it is unraveling now.

Currently there are anti-NSA “lights out” bills moving through state legislatures. In essence the states seek to penalize utilities and other contractors which supply NSA facilities with water and electricity and so on. The bills would make it illegal to do business with the NSA within the borders of the state.

This is throwing up red flags in the statist camp. Even if the NSA is spying on US citizens, addressing the constitutional violations in this way, in a way which might actually work, could undermine the New Deal which for 70 years has sought to centralize ever more power in Washington DC.

Basically what it comes down to for Think Progress is that liberty, freedom, and human dignity, are less important than an all encompassing state and the dream of what is essentially a socialist United States. Think Progress makes the case that the welfare state is a worthy price for one’s soul.

Better a police state than to have an America which is decentralized and closer to the will of the people.


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