DEA official loses it over marijuana legalization at Senate hearing. An existential threat to his agency?

Howard, one of the good guys. (He's not in the DEA.
Howard Wooldridge at CPAC. He has a different opinion.

James L. Capra is a career government official. Much of his life has been spent in drug law enforcement. He is a politician and a bureaucrat. He has constituencies he represents. He has federal money to protect. Ending marijuana prohibition means ending a big part of everything this guy has worked for for a long time. He doesn’t want to see the footprint of the DEA diminish on his watch, which is understandable.

No one in government wants their power diminished. No matter what agency it is they never want to get smaller. Managers, bureaucrats, are not interested in slitting their own throats. (Who is?) Money is the lifeblood of bureaucracy and the flow of funds must be maintained – always.

Fundamentally what we see here is a turf and funds battle. Mr Capra is defending his bureaucratic ground. That’s what people do in Washington DC.