Dishonesty is a key component of a crony capitalist state

White_House_DC CCSenator Tom Coburn weighs in on the current state of affairs in Washington DC.

Though lies have always abounded in the nation’s capital, there is a special version of dishonesty which infects the place now. It’s so big. It’s so pervasive. It impacts so many Americans. It makes one almost nostalgic for the days when Bill Clinton looked straight into the eyes of the American public and lied about getting cuddly with Monica Lewinsky.

Of course there was Watergate, and Vietnam, and hundreds of other lies told by our leaders to the American people, some with huge impact and some with less impact. But at least Nixon resigned when confronted with the truth (and impeachment). Now, there appears to be nothing which would shame the executive branch.

The ends justify the means in the mind of this president. It is why he has partnered with corporate America the way that he has. It is why the president said for 3 years that Americans could keep their plans if they wanted to even though he knew this was not true. It is why this president has developed an extensive propaganda machine and has vigorously prosecuted whistle blowers. The ends. Always the ends.

And lies? What are lies but tools?

(From The Wall Street Journal)

Taking unilateral, extralegal action—like delaying the employer mandate for a year when Mr. Obama realized the trouble it would cause for businesses—is part of a pattern for this administration. Immigration and border-security laws that might displease certain constituencies if enforced? Ignore the laws. Unhappy that a deep-water drilling moratorium was struck down in court? Reimpose it anyway. Internal Revenue Service agents using the power of the state to harass political enemies? Deny and then stonewall. Unhappy with the pace of Senate confirmations for nominees? Ignore the Constitution and appoint people anyway and claim that the Senate is not in session.

The Obama administration hardly has a monopoly on contributing to Washington’s dysfunction. Congress more than earned its 6% national approval rating, a historic low.

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