Government punishes 11 year old girl for selling cupcakes without permission

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Who in their right mind keeps a little girl from growing a little cottage business while expanding and refining her God given skills? This kid has initiative, a solid work ethic, and obviously a lot of talent. We should be encouraging young people like Chloe. She is productive. She makes the world a better place. She makes cupcakes for crying out loud. Little pieces of baked heaven!

But the buzzkill commissar is always on the lookout for anyone who dares stray from the rules and regs. So what if she’s a child? So what if she has all of a dozen customers? She must comply. If we let her get away with baking cakes and selling them there is no end to the chaos which might ensue. Before long underground bakers would be popping up all over town spreading joy and cheer without a permit. This must not and cannot happen.

And she had better not even think about opening a lemonade stand this summer  Entrepreneurialism is a disease you see. It encourages independent thinking. In today’s society that is a liability. By crushing this young girl’s tiny business we are actually helping her socialize into the world she will soon join.

Cupcakes are decadent and bourgeois anyway.

(From Black Listed News)

She’s created some 3-dimensional designs with her cakes, including a soccer-ball cake filled with pudding and cupcakes shaped like high-heels.  Her largest order topped out at 220 cupcakes.  She has also donated batches to charity fundraisers.

With twelve satisfied year-round clients, she began saving the money she made with the hope of buying her first car when she turns sixteen.

In the long term, she hopes to open her own bakery with the money she saves.

At least, she was, until the local county bureaucrats got wind of her creative spirit.   When a local newspaper ran a favorable article about her cupcake decorating, the conscienceless regulators decided to seek out the child and quash her business.

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