House Armed Services Committee Chair McKeon Acknowledges Tea Party Tactics Influenced Retirement Decision


Well I guess the $1 trillion omnibus bill was the last gasp for this Military Industrial Complex advocate.

As the article points out,  many Republicans have finally come to see that the military is big government too. That being for fiscal responsibility means reining in the defense contractors just as much as it means reining in bloated social programs. This frustrated McKeon. He was used to the GOP just voting for anything which was nominally “defense.”

But those day appear to be over, and so is Buck McKeon.

The retirement of McKeon, who incidentally has numerous relatives working as defense lobbyists, is a small victory for those Americans who are serious about making government smaller in the years ahead. People like Buck McKeon thought that they could turn or wait out the Tea Party. Looks like it waited him out.

(From Defense News)

“McKeon’s departure reflects the changing face of the GOP in the House. It used to be reflexively pro-defense, but now even the Pentagon is falling under the rubric of ‘big government’ for some Republicans,” Thompson said.

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