Justin Amash wants GOP that “includes more gays, lesbians, minorities, women and young people”

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Amash is a friend to those who fight crony capitalism, and to those who believe that the best government is the government which governs least. His above statement was in response to an another statement by an RNC committee member who said on Facebook, “Have you ever seen a Muslim do anything that contributes positively to the American way of life?”

That’s nice.

The Republican National Committee now in many ways reflects an establishment which is not representative of where the GOP is going  (nor even where it is). The RNC in addition to being out of touch is actively fighting the grass roots small government people around the country right now. The Beltway GOP can’t believe the insurrection which has engulfed them. They have spent lifetimes working their way through the power structure waiting to get paid in power and/or treasure. And now the cretins are taking over? They can’t believe it.

For the progressives/liberals who read us, Justin Amash couldn’t be more Tea Party. The narrative perpetuated by the propaganda machine which argues that the Tea Party is some sort of bigoted retrograde socially conservative movement is false. (Though there are plenty of social conservatives within the movement and that is fine.) It always has been false. Fundamentally the movement is about being Taxed Enough Already. Gay people, and black people, and Muslim people, and Hispanic people, and Asian people, and everyone else are Taxed Enough Already too.

The statists know that they can rail against social conservatism all day long and people will buy it. But if the GOP actually reflected where most Americans are – generally for smaller government at all levels and basically socially tolerant, the big government people lose, and badly.

For the record so does the establishment Republican Party. (Which is also big government.)

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In calling for Agema’s resignation, Amash said in a statement, “Defending civil liberties is at the heart of the Republican Party and our Constitution. As I’ve demonstrated with my words and record, I am trying to grow a new generation of Republicans that includes more gays and lesbians, racial-ethnic minorities, women, and young people.”

“Dave’s approach has become a distraction for those of us who are standing up to the political establishment, whose push for bigger government, more corporate welfare, and less individual liberty have hurt our party.”

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