NFL’s Corporate Welfare Even Gives Fans Pause

Our taxpayer subsidized cathedrals.
Our taxpayer subsidized cathedrals.

I was talking to an avid NFL fan recently and he thinks the league has seen its zenith and it will be a slow decline from here on out. The brain trauma scandal isn’t helping things and neither are the kinds of deals team owners get.

Sports has amazing amounts of cronyism in it because voters take leave of their senses when it comes to their teams. Stadiums which shouldn’t be built are built. Tax breaks and out right subsidies are given when cities can barely keep the lights on. 

(From The Fort Worth Weekly)

Much dismay has been expressed over the years about the National Football League’s billionaire owners wallowing in piles of money while demanding huge taxpayer giveaways, and the fact that the NFL enjoys nonprofit status and its accompanying tax breaks, and how the rich keep getting richer and the rest of us struggle to fill our gas tanks and refrigerators.

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