Obama the Corporatist


Obama has a good game going, which mostly fools his progressive base. While railing against “corporate greed” he happily cozies up with the corporate greedy. It’s where the money is after all.

The list of corporate friends is long. Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim, Jeff Immelt, Penny Pritzker, Goldman Sachs, Boeing, GM, and dozens of other leaders and companies have been courted and/or given the shakedown by Obama. We’ve chronicled these partnerships extensively.

In the attached article Tim Carney at the Examiner gives us an update as to what’s been going down on this front. Don’t be fooled. Obama knows where his bread is buttered. How many boards do you think the guy will sit on after he gets out of office?

(From The Washington Examiner)

In other less-than-populist news, Obama’s billionaire fundraiser and advisor Warren Buffett may get a federal grant of immortality – or at least his finance firm, Berkshire Hathaway, might.

Bloomberg News reported that the Financial Stability Oversight Council – created by the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill – is considering dubbing Berkshire Hathaway a “Systemically Important Financial Institution.” This designation would bring some added oversight, but it would also, in effect, protect Berkshire from failure by declaring it too big to fail.

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