Texas medical clinic accepts BITCOIN as a form of payment (May help keep things private between you and your doctor)

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Change, real change, is happening in the economy and broader society at a breathtaking pace. Between the NSA revelations, Bitcoin, legalized pot, the GOP civil war, Obamacare, China, Europe, and the ongoing economic malaise, there’s a heck of a lot going on.

2014 is going to be interesting.

(From The Daily Mail)

‘With Bitcoin, there is no credit card number that some malicious actor can collect in order to impersonate you. In fact, it is even possible to send a payment without revealing your identity, almost just like with physical money. You should however take note that some effort can be required to protect your privacy,’ says the site.

Bitcoin is not 100 per cent anonymous and can be linked to a person’s identity when they convert Bitcoin to currency.

However, for keeping health information between a patient and a doctor, Bitcoin is a useful tool.

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