Farm Bill Rewards Rich Farmers, And The Rest Of Us Pay

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Some thoughts below on the Farm Bill from the always interesting Stephen Moore.

It’s a bumper crop this year for farmers, lobbyists, and members of Congress in rural districts. But we are the ones being reaped like so much wheat.

The bill is good for the farmers, you know, the salt of the earth, who on average are far wealthier than the average taxpayer so we can feel good about that.

Sorry Mr. Cubicle Worker, you don’t have a lobbyist so no big government check for you.

And for the record, this particular pile of crony capitalism was driven for the most part by the Republicans. The people who say they are for “reining in spending.”


With all this talk in Washington about income inequality, why isn’t Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi — or anyone in the greed-and-envy lobby — going after the grotesquely unfair farm bill?

This near-$200 billion bill is one of the biggest giveaways to the rich and politically powerful in recent history.

Usually, in Washington Congress doles out taxpayer subsidies to industries that are in severe financial trouble — think of bailouts to autos, banks and steel. That’s bad enough.

But the farm economy isn’t in distress. It’s booming, and agribusiness still walked away with $20 billion a year in direct payments, income support and crop insurance.

We should call it the farming taxpayers bill.

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