George Soros betting on a market fall, or just buying extra insurance?

soros 3

It should be said that this guy isn’t always right. (Investing wise, politically he’s nearly always wrong.) But has been at important times.

As the attached article points out, this is a snapshot from a month and a half ago and conditions (as perceived by Soros) and allocations may have changed. This is also an ongoing hedging position which has been increased but does not represent an “all in” bet by any means.


…the “Soros put”, a legacy hedge position that the 83-year old has been rolling over every quarter since 2010, just rose to a record $1.3 billion or the notional equivalent of some 7.09 million SPY-equivalent shares. Since this was an increase of 154% Q/Q this has some people concerned that the author of ‘reflexivity’ and the founder of “open societies” may be anticipating some major market downside.

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