Kerry Kennedy says don’t convict her of a DUI, she’s a Kennedy

Kerry_Kennedy cc

See I’m RFK’s daughter. You guys loved my dad right? Don’t you think my family has suffered enough? I mean you guys let my Uncle get away with Chappaquiddick. Hell you let him be senator. Surely the “people” can look the other way when it comes to my reckless Ambien trip down the highway.

Did I say reckless? I didn’t mean reckless, because I don’t want a reckless driving ticket either. What I want is to be let off scott free. Like my uncle was and like my other relatives have been over the decades.

Did I mention that my father Robert F. Kennedy was shot?

(From The New York Post)

Talking in a raspy voice, the niece of slain President John F. Kennedy (jurors were reminded of that one by her lawyer during his opening statement Monday) and former wife of Gov. Cuomo at times sounded mighty annoyed. Other times, it was as if she might cry when, for perhaps the first time in her charmed existence, things didn’t go Kerry’s way.

She told the packed Westchester County courtroom about her human-rights work that sent the jet-setter this month to fabulous places such as Greece and France where she had a critical meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry — yet another name-drop — about the persecution of homosexuals in the African nation of Uganda.

All this nonsense annoyed the judge.

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