Feds flying in style: Uncle Sam’s executive jets used for personal travel

privaet jet cc

Living it up with other people’s money. It’s long been a pastime for our government. (And governments in general. The British still put up with a “royalty.”)

You, you see aren’t in government. You are simply not that important. To the degree that you exist you exist as a profit center for us, the people who run the show.  We can wipe you out with a fountain pen. You should be thankful to pay for our private jets.

Now get back to work! These jets aren’t going to pay for themselves – serfs.

(From The Washington Times)

Federal officials have no qualms flying the friendly skies in style, regularly using executive jets and other planes in the government’s fleet of 1,700 aircraft for everyday travel. But they often don’t track how much such trips cost or the reasons why they skipped cheaper commercial flights in favor of firing up one of Uncle Sam’s aircraft.

And lawmakers in Congress — usually charged with overseeing or reining in such expenditures — have their own addiction to luxury travel with a growing tendency to fly first class.

Those findings by two separate watchdogs in Congress are the latest examples of a culture of entitlement that pervades federal spending, even in an era of supposed cutbacks and bulging budget deficits, critics warn.

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Almost forgot. 3 weeks ago Obama declared the time of American “austerity” was over.


At least Americans saw through that nonsense. Haven’t heard that spin in a while.