Feds probe Maryland’s (and other state’s) disastrous Obamacare marketplace (4 of the 14 state exchanges are now under investigation)

Funny, Obama's not so smug these days.
Funny, Obama’s not so smug these days.

Obamacare is the train wreck that Democratic Senator and chair of the Senate Finance Committee Max Baucus said that it would be. It has been a complete failure in nearly every way. But its biggest failure may be the crony capitalism which infects the program at a cellular level. From the the deals given to the health insurance companies which will cost taxpayers billions, the deals the drug companies made which will cost taxpayers billions, to the “non-profit” navigators on the take, to the contractors which failed almost universally to deliver a workable online product, the American people have been lied to and stolen from. And I’m not being over the top. The president himself (along with his underlings) repeatedly lied to the American people. The theft is ongoing.

Obamacare may be the biggest domestic program disaster in history. It certainly is for the amount of time it has existed.

(From CNBC)

Harris said the probe should seek answers to several questions, including: “how federal dollars were spent on the exchange,” “the procurement process, which may have included contractors with no expertise,” whether federal funds can be recouped from the state “in light of their obvious lack of proper oversight” and “who specifically failed in their responsibilities to safeguard federal taxpayer money.”

The exchange’s now-fired contractor, Noridian Healthcare Solutions, had been paid nearly $65 million by Maryland, and had billed the state for $13 million more. Additional spending is projected to bring the exchange’s total cost to a total of $261 million.

The bulk of Maryland’s funds for its Obamacare exchange came from federal grants.

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