Jeb Bush Tries to Court Crony Casino Money in Vegas

Vegas cc

Sheldon Adelson kept Newt Gingrich alive during the the 2012 race for president. Now Jeb Bush wants some of that sweet sweet casino money. Bush is joining Chris Christie (shock), Scott Walker, and John Kasich at an event in the City of Slots. Each potential candidate is looking for a payday.

Mr. Adelson has been giving out money recently too, though in smaller amounts than he gave to Newt. For instance the CEO of Las Vegas Sands just wrote a check to Lindsay Graham. It is pure coincidence that Senator Graham then came out for keeping online gambling illegal, something Sheldon Adelson desperately wants so he can protect his casino empire.

It is worth noting that Senator Rand Paul will not be attending.

(From The LA Times)

Jeb Bush, who plans to make a decision about a presidential run by early next year, will get top billing as the featured speaker Thursday night at a private VIP dinner in the hangar that houses Adelson’s fleet.

On Saturday, three other prominent hopefuls — Govs. Chris Christie of New Jersey, John Kasich of Ohio and Scott Walker of Wisconsin — will address the broader gathering at Adelson’s hotel, the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. The Republican National Committee’s data guru, Andy Barkett, will also talk to the group as he tries to raise money for the GOP’s project to enhance and enrich the party’s voter files.

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