Feds seizing tax refunds of children over parents’ Social Security debt?! (It’s happening right now)

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You read that correctly.

I am pretty sure when the Bible says that “the sins of the father will be visited upon the son” this isn’t what it means.* Whats more, there is a good chance that people’s refunds are being withheld without the parent committing any “sin” at all.  According to the attached article the Social Security Administraion is taking refunds because parents were overpaid in most instances due to mistakes made by the Social Security Administration itself.

On top of that the Feds are seizing refunds without even any specific proof of overpayment.

People are powerless in the face of the seizure. Most people receiving tax refunds do not have the resources to raise too much fuss and so the government just steamrolls them. Or maybe I should be more explicit. The government flat out, unabashedly, STEALS from people who are probably borderline poor. STEALS.

It is amazing that this is happening, but it is. Right now. In the USA.

For all the big government apologists out there – please tell me how this is any way defensible. Please explain to me why the citizens of this country shouldn’t be outraged. Tell me “it takes a village” or something like that. Please. I would love to know how anyone can justify this sort of action.

(From CNBC)

If you think this is some kind of unprecedented outrage, you’re right. But here’s some advice: get used to it.

Tax refunds are clearly becoming the new promised land for government regulators and bureaucrats desperate for more revenues. We already know that confiscating tax refunds are the only real way the IRS will be able to impose Obamacare non-compliance penalties, and now it seems like the Social Security Administration is jumping on that bandwagon.

But there’s a more powerful and disturbing message here. Remember that the people who benefited from these alleged Social Security payments have not committed any crime—that’s why the government doesn’t need to provide any proof or real documentation. It’s more likely that the SSA simply screwed up and expects the descendants of its accidental beneficiaries to pay up. And again, the money comes out first before you can protest and find out why.

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*I could be wrong though.