It is against the law for feds to use govt aircraft for personal use. Then why did senior execs do it over 400 times – that we know of? (Video)

Look - I told you. I don't fly commercial!
Look – I told you. I don’t fly commercial!

Mark Hyman makes a great point. It is illegal for federal workers to use government vehicles for personal reasons. Get caught doing it and it’s a mandatory 30 day suspension and a huge black mark. Government vehicles are paid for by the taxpayers. They are for work, not shopping or for moving your apartment.

The same goes for government aircraft. It’s supposed to be a big no-no for feds to fly away on vacation using taxpayer funded jets. In fact, it’s illegal. And yet Eric Holder, the attorney general, America’s top cop has done this at least 27 times?

So pick the kids up from school in a government vehicle and get a 30 day suspension. Fly off to God knows where on a fly fishing expedition at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the taxpayer, and nothing?

This is what happens when government forgets that it operates at the pleasure of the American people.