Unleashed NSA is hurting the US tech industry Cisco CEO warns President Obama in letter

cisco letter

We said this when the extent of the NSA spying came to light. All this meddling by the government in tech, arguably the most important industry in the United States, a place where we have long been the leader was we warned going to impact the industry and the American economy. Because we have failed to adhere to our own 4th Amendment (It is still the law right? We didn’t repeal this part of the Bill of Rights I don’t think. Perhaps I missed it because our government sure is acting like we have.) people are going to lose their jobs and high quality talent is leaving for other countries.

I can’t believe we have done this to ourselves.

Actually check that. I can believe it, but it still saddens me.

(From Recode.net)
The letter follows a May 13 blog post by Cisco General Counsel Mark Chandler saying the NSA had “overreached.” Chandler said that Cisco does not cooperate with any government, including the U.S. government, to “weaken our products.”

Concern about the aggressive tactics of the NSA have hit Cisco’s results, especially in emerging markets like Russia, Brazil and China. When the company reported quarterly earnings last week, it said that orders from emerging countries fell seven percent, and that Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico combined for a 13 percent drop. Individually, orders in Brazil fell 27 percent and in Russia, 28 percent.

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