Another anti-crony ruling from the Supreme Court, No mandatory union for homecare workers

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This is important because many homecare workers are spouses and children and have absolutely no interest in paying public employee unions for the right to care for their sick loved ones. Often they also lack the means. They are not “state employees” just because they receive a very modest Medicare payment for their work.

This was a case of the unions trying to drive out competition and to secure a new revenue stream.

(From The USA Today)

The state of Illinois and the SEIU claimed that the union was entitled to represent — and receive financial support — from home-based caregivers. But this week the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the SEIU’s theory of union organizing. The court echoed a point that the Illinois Policy Institute made in our amicus brief, arguing that as a result of mandatory dues, participants in the state’s Medicaid program were inevitably forced to either support the union’s political speech or withdraw from the program. Paying dues to a union should not be a condition of receiving help from the state to care for a loved one.

Too bad, so sad SEIU.

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