Anti-Uber protest snarls D.C. traffic (The union sponsored war against better service, lower prices, and higher quality continues.)

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If someone wants to give me a ride in their car for a fee there is no reason why I (or the person driving the car) should be restricted from such a transaction. The cab companies and unions say however that such business is unfair because cabbies must adhere to regulations which ridesharing companies do not. OK fine. Then the cabbies ought to lobby for fewer regulations and fees.

But they won’t because such regulations and fees exist because the cab companies want them as barriers to entry. The same is true in most other industries.

Regulations, for the most part but not always, exist for the benefit of the industry regulated. This goes for insurance, pharma, food, you name it. If regulations help the “consumer” in any way that is usually a secondary concern.

(From Marketwatch)

Couldn’t get a cab Wednesday on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol in Washington? There’s an app for that – and that’s the problem, D.C. cab drivers believe.

Angry Washington cab drivers drove in a caravan from the city’s East Potomac Park to Freedom Plaza, in protest against ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar.Pennsylvania Ave., NW reopened at about 1 p.m. after closing from 15th to 9th Streets because of the protest, according to the Washington Post.

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